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The Luminéva Vitalité Series

The Vitalité series comprises formulations infused with a proprietary blend of peptides, growth factors, and natural antioxidants, precisely formulated with optimal efficacy concentration to enhance skin repair and cellular regeneration.

The primary objective is to deliver lasting visible effects while preserving the skin's innate regenerative properties. With the added infusion of Damask Rose Hydrosol, this series is designed to evoke vitality in the skin, offering a sensory texture, delicate and soothing natural fragrance, and an instant sensation of freshness.

Enhanced skincare routine

Comprising three distinct formulations – the Revive Serum, Day Defy Cream, and Lumé Night Cream – the Vitalité Series is designed to synergistically work together for comprehensive skincare benefits.

The Revive Serum stands as the powerhouse, infused with growth factors and antioxidants to promote cell regeneration and renewal. The Day Defy Cream, with its light texture, incorporates antioxidants, skin-similar plant oils, and peptides to shield the skin from daily pollution and environmental stressors. The rich-textured Lumé Night Cream is infused with growth factors, peptides, and marine extracts to boost nightly cellular repair and regeneration.

When integrated into your skincare routine, the entire Vitalité Series works cohesively, ensuring a synergistic approach to anti-aging benefits, delivering long-lasting effects for a revitalized and rejuvenated complexion.

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Vitalité Series - FAQs


Have any of the products in this series been tested on animals?

No, Luminéva Vitalité Series products have never been tested on animals.

What skin types is this product series good for?

The Vitalité Series was developed with the intention to treat mature skin, improve hydration, reduce wrinkles, and fine lines, smooth uneven skin tone, and revive overall skin health by boosting collagen, elastin, and proteoglycans in your skin tissue.

Are the products in this series safe for all ages?

The Vitalité Series is suitable for both women and men. These products have been developed with the goal of being an anti-aging product, specifically for those with mature skin and looking to prevent signs of aging.

Are these products safe to use for pregnant and nursing women? 

The Vitalité Series is safe to be used during pregnancy and nursing. We always recommend consulting your physician prior to using the products under this series.


Are these products vegan and gluten free?

The Vitalité Series products are not manufactured in dedicated gluten-free facilities. Individuals with gluten intolerance or allergies are advised to consult their physician to determine whether the product is suitable for their use. It is recommended to carefully review the ingredient list for any potential concerns. Additionally, the products may not be suitable for a vegan lifestyle as they contain marine-derived hydrolyzed collagen.

Do the products have an expiration dates?

All the products under are stamped with expiration dates, valid for 3 years from the manufacturing date and a 12-month period after opening (PAO). These products are stored in tinted glass bottles with a pump dispensing system, minimizing air exposure and ensuring product freshness over time.

Is the product packaging recyclable?

Yes, the packaging for all Luminéva products are designed with sustainability in mind. The glass bottles and paper boxes are recyclable, contributing to environmental responsibility.

What are the standards in the formulation of Luminéva products? 

The Vitalité Series products are formulated using pharmaceutical-grade ingredients wherever possible and use only efficacious concentrations of its high-quality actives. These products are produced in small batches and packaged under closely monitored, sterile GMP manufacturing conditions, ensuring optimal potency and freshness of the product.


Do the products under this series have added synthetic fragrances?

The Vitalité Series is formulated without any added synthetic fragrance. The natural fragrance in the products is derived purely from the natural ingredients added in the formulations.

Do the products under this series have added synthetic dyes and colour?

The Vitalité Series is formulated without any added synthetic dyes or color. The coloration in the products is purely derived from the natural ingredients incorporated in the formulations.

Are the products under this series all natural/organic?

The Vitalité Series products have been formulated to prioritize ingredients that are both safe and effective for overall skin health. The formulations strive to incorporate as many natural or naturally-derived ingredients as possible. Additionally, certain non-hazardous, high-quality, and biodegradable synthetic ingredients have been thoughtfully chosen to ensure consistency, stability, spreadability, and efficiency of the products. The overarching goal in developing the Luminéva Vitalité Series was to create a skincare line that is exceptionally safe while maintaining high efficacy.

Are the products under this series biodegradable?

The Vitalité Series is formulated with copolymers and polymers that are non-microplastic and biodegradable.

Are the products under this series non-comedogenic?

The Vitalité Series is formulated with the utmost care, incorporating only non-comedogenic active and excipient ingredients to prevent skin clogging and breakouts.

Do the products under this series contain Parabens?

No, the products under the Vitalité Series are formulated without the use of Parabens.

Do the products under this series contain Silicones?

No, the products under the Vitalité Series are formulated without Silicones, avoiding comedogenic pore-clogging agents.

Do the products under this series contain Essential Oils?

Yes, products under the Vitalité Series contain small amounts of Rose Essential Oils, a non-comedogenic oil with multiple skincare benefits. There are no side effects of Rose Essential Oils when applied topically, making Luminéva Vitalité Series safe to use. It is best to perform a skin patch test to check for allergies before use. In case of allergies, please consult your physician.

Do the products under this series contain Alcohols?

The Vitalité Series is formulated without any drying alcohols such as Ethyl Alcohol or Ethanol, Isopropyl Alcohol or Rubbing Alcohol, SD Alcohol 40, or Denatured Alcohol.

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