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Welcome to Luminéva, Beauty Through Science, Elegance by Design. Our commitment blends advanced scientific research with the art of skincare, delivering effective solutions backed by years of expertise. Our foundation rests on multidisciplinary teams in biology, biotechnology, and material science. With 30+ years of collective research, our scientists are singularly focused on developing high-efficacy skincare solutions. Precision-designed, these reduce visible signs of ageing, preserve vitality, and prevent future damage, reflecting Luminéva's unwavering commitment to skincare excellence.

Advanced Research and Biomaterial Innovation

At Luminéva, our research and development efforts delve into skin tissue biology, integrating stem cell research, biotechnology, biomaterials, and chemistry to ensure targeted skincare experiences. We leverage advanced principles and expertise to identify optimal ingredients and deliver potent actives to skin tissue at the cellular level. Our commitment to efficacy is further enhanced through advanced biomaterials and bioengineering techniques. Core technologies, such as biomimetic synthetic human growth factors and clinically safe biomaterials, trigger cellular-level processes, resulting in the production of essential proteins like collagen, elastin, proteoglycans, and hyaluronic acids. This innovative approach strengthens the skin barrier, reduces glycation, and promotes natural skin regeneration, forming the foundation of our distinctive formulations.

Results-Orientated Solutions

Dedicated to visible and lasting results, Luminéva formulates with precise dosages adhering to the highest efficacy standards. Rigorous testing validates claims at the cellular level, ensuring trustworthy, result-oriented solutions.

Our products are manufactured in small batches under sterile Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) conditions, ensuring optimal potency, freshness, and upholding the highest safety standards. Quality control tests, including microbiological and toxicological assessments, affirm safety and efficacy. Products proudly stand without harmful ingredients, reflecting our commitment to safety standards.

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